Quirky puzzle game Q is now available for Xbox One

Quirky puzzle game Q is now available for Xbox One

A new puzzle game is now out on Xbox One called Q and it’s pretty bizarre. The game features an art style reminiscent of basic image editing software from the 90s and tasks the player with drawing a variety of shapes in a two dimensional space to complete challenges. The basic drawings created by the player are automatically animated and given physics which forces scribbles to fall to the ground but also allows for the creation of basic tools such as a seesaw to catapult a ball into the designated target on screen.

It’s an unusual game with a fairly niche audience though it could be a lot of fun with a group of friends. Here’s the equally unusual official description:

"Are you capable of getting a ball out of a cup? If you are confident that you can, we challenge you. It may sound simple, but the truth couldn't be further. How to Play: Take on the challenge by creating a solution on the screen to clear the Q. The solution differs greatly from person to person. There are Q's that even we developers cannot solve. Interested? We challenge you to complete the Q. Our Q’s are so exciting, we promise to keep you engaged until you lose track of time."

The Xbox One has seen a variety of video games released on the platform recently. There have been several major titles like Batman: Arkham Knight, which is on track to being one of the top selling games of the year, as well as smaller titles like Massive Chalice and BADLAND: Game of the Year Edition for those gamers after something smaller in scale or more artsy.

Which sort of games do you prefer to play on Xbox One? Big budget or small indie titles? Let us know in the comments below.

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