Quantum Break marks game piracy with a Jack Joyce eye patch

Quantum Break has just been released on the Xbox One console and Windows 10 PC this week, and the AAA title is one of the first games to leverage Xbox Live capabilities to allow gamers to start playing on one platform and continue their progression on the other. However, Reddit user disastorm discovered  (via GameSpot)  that if you play the game on Windows 10 without first signing into your Microsoft account, Quantum Break's hero Jack Joyce will get an eye patch, as you can see in the image below:

If the game thinks you're a pirate, Jack Joyce will get an eye patch.
If the game thinks you're a pirate, Jack Joyce will get an eye patch.

Quantum Break developer Remedy acknowledged this funny form of piracy punishment on the official FAQ of the Windows 10 version of the game:

"DRM might've accidentally triggered. Make sure you've logged into your Microsoft account before starting the game."

Did you encounter the pirate version of Jack Joyce on the Windows 10? Please also tell us in the comments what do you think of the Windows 10 version of Quantum Break. You can get the game on your Xbox One or Windows 10 following the links below.

Get Quantum Break on Xbox One

Quantum Break
Quantum Break
Developer: Xbox Game Studios
Price: $39.99

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