Preview Alpha Xbox Insiders can now transfer games and apps across their networks

A big change has finally arrived for Xbox Insiders, as announced by Brad Rossetti on Twitter. Users are now be able to transfer their games and apps across networks, cutting out the middle man and making it so that you don't need to re-download items from the Store. It's a nice feature that's meant to make things convenient for people who have multiple Xbox's in their home.

As explained by Brad, this feature is meant to "Save on bandwidth" by letting you transfer games between consoles. The idea here is that you won't need to spend 30 or more gigs trying to download something that you already have on another console. While not every home has more than one Xbox, this still helps out a selection of people quite a bit.

Preview Alpha members should now be seeing this feature on their consoles as it went live last night at 6PM PST. Let us know if you're finding this feature useful by dropping us a comment below.

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