Potential November release dates for Microsoft’s next gen Xbox Series X console spotted

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Not only did the recently leaked next gen Xbox controller confirm the existence of an upcoming Xbox Series S console, it’s also heavily hinted at two possible release dates for the Xbox Series X console.

Microsoft has already confirmed that their next gen Series X console will be releasing sometime in November this year and now it seems that the exact release date could be either November 5th or November 6th.

The first clue comes from Verge reporter, Tom Warren, who says in a tweet that a source has told him that these new controllers are being marked with labels for a November 6th release date.

The second clue comes from the ResetEra forums where it was discovered that the one year warrantee for the original leaked controller expires on November 5th 2021 suggesting that it was meant to come out on November 5th this year. That same post also says that both the 5th and 6th are stated as release dates.

Why the two dates? A likely theory is that this is simply due to the International Date Line. The Xbox Series X (and its controller) could launch at the same time globally but that would be the 5th for me here in Australia and the 6th for some of my fellow OnMSFT writers in the United States.

The 5th is a Thursday and the 6th is a Friday for those that are into day names instead of numbers.

Of course it’s possible that Microsoft could release the controller on a different date than the console but that would be extremely unlikely and would make very little sense. It’s pretty safe to assume that the console and controller will release at the same time.

The November 5th and 6th dates are a bit of a surprise as both the Xbox One and Xbox 360 consoles debuted on November 22nd in the United States in their respective years and many assumed that the Xbox Series X would follow this tradition. The original Xbox console did come out on November 15th though.

What do you think of these potential dates? Do you think they’re reliable or do you think that the Xbox Series X could come out on a different date entirely? Share your theories with the community in the comments below and then follow us on Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook for more Xbox news.

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