Polling app Straw makes its way to the web

Straw polls are often a quick and easy ways to gather information while simultaneously providing dialogue about contrasting positions. When used in a social setting, straw polls can also be a fun and intuitive way to sort out options among friends, family, and unnecessarily indecisive co-workers. Friendly, Worldwide Retail Sales Evangelism Director at Microsoft, Ben Rudolph, and his team harnessed the resourcefulness and fun of straw polling and put it into a mobile app.
Straw, understandably first debut on the Windows Phone platform but quickly spread to iOS and Android. Today, Straw is making its way onto the web, as Straw Web Polling. Now users can use Straw on any mobile device as well as any modern web browser in use around the world.
Straw Web Polling’s new primary web features include:
  • Log in with the same account you use on the app.
  • Use the familiar interface to create polls, view results or check in on StrawCast.
  • Special UI tweaks to make it easier to get poll links and embed codes.
  • Works with any web browser – Safari, Chrome, IE, Edge.
  • Even works on your Xbox! With proof.
We’ve personally been using Straw as a quick and useful way to engage with our community, and we recommend giving it a quick look. Straw can be found on Windows Phone, iOS, Android, and now the web.
Developer: Straw, LLC
Price: Free

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