Straw for Windows Phone: Poll your friends on social media and SMS, instantly see and share results

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Straw for windows phone: poll your friends on social media and sms, instantly see and share results

Straw, for those that didn't know, is a new service that lets you post a question to your entire social network and get the responses delivered directly to your email inbox, your phone via SMS, or within the app in a visual manner. Best of all, the Straw app for Windows Phone is available right now for download, so you can try out this free service.

The Straw app for Windows Phone is currently in Beta, but is open to the public for immediate download and testing. The app is also in development for Android and iOS. Luckily, Windows Phone users do not have to wait, as this service is available on all three platforms at once.

"Not sure which shirt looks best on you? Wondering if you take the Seahawks or the 49ers this Sunday? Ask your friends with Straw! Get instant responses delivered in real-time right to your phone, in a super visual, easy to decipher way," the app description reads.

Straw is very easy to use. Just launch the app, create a poll by making your choices, add any pictures, and select which social networks to publish to. You can share your polls and instantly get results.

Another thing to note about Straw is that it is co-developed by Microsoft's own Ben Rudolph. However, this is not an official Microsoft service. You can snag the app via the download link below. Keep in mind that the app is still in Beta, and new improvements are being made with each update.

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