Other Samsung Android phones may get built-in “Link to Windows” experience currently exclusive to the Note 10

The brand new Galaxy Note 10 is now the closet thing we have to a true “Surface phone,” as Microsoft has worked in tandem with Samsung to include features such as built-in screen sharing capabilities. Android screen mirroring via Microsoft’s Your Phone app for Windows 10 has been improved on the Note 10, as it currently works with any PC running the May 2019 Update connected to the same WiFi network, no Bluetooth necessary. This is thanks to the native integration of “Link to Windows” on Windows 10, which works with a dedicated setting on the Note 10.

This “Link to Windows” feature that’s currently exclusive to the Note 10 may apparently come to more Samsung Android devices in the near future. XDA Developers found a video from a Brazilian YouTuber demoing Samsung’s Android 10 update with the company’s One UI 2.0, and the “Link to Windows” option briefly appears on screen in it (via Windows Central).

Moreover, Microsoft’s Analy Otero Diaz from the Your Phone team hinted on Twitter that Link to Windows would come to additional Samsung devices, without giving a specific ETA.

In the meantime, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will still get other Windows 10 integrations first, such as the ability to answer phone calls via the Your Phone app on your PC, or the integration of OneDrive into Samsung's Gallery app. The Korean company also announced a new partnership with Microsoft during its Unpacked event earlier this month, where Microsoft's CEO Satya also appeared on stage. Now that Microsoft finally gave up on Windows phones, it makes sense for the software giant to team up with the largest smartphone maker in the world.

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