Next gen Xbox Series S console price and design officially announced by Microsoft

Brad Stephenson

Xbox Series S console.

After months of leaks concerning the Xbox Series S’ name and specs, Microsoft finally officially confirmed the existence of their lower-end next generation console today after a series of additional leaks this morning concerning its price and a clip from its actual official reveal video.

In a surprising move, Microsoft threw caution to the wind and decided to just tweet out a promo image of the Xbox Series S along with confirmation of its $299 price and the promise for more information on it to come in the near future.

You can see the tweet below:

While the price for the higher-end Xbox Series X console has yet to be confirmed, reports have placed it at $499 which makes the Xbox Series S a solid choice for those on a budget. Some leakers have claimed that the Series S will only support 1080p gameplay which would help make it easier for consumers to understand the difference between each console due to the X supporting both 4K and 8K gaming. It should be noted though that the Xbox One S, the lower-end current gen Xbox model, does feature 4K output for video so it’s likely that the Xbox Series S will at least have this support too. Other leaks have hinted at 4K gaming as well though which also seems just as likely.

Another major difference between the S and X is the lack of a disk drive in the cheaper console.

Both the Xbox Series S and the Xbox Series X are heavily rumored to have a November 10th launch in all major regions so official confirmation on all specs and features are expected to happen this month sometime. All of this information would have likely been announced at E3 2020 back in June but, with its cancellation due to the global pandemic, both Microsoft and Sony have chosen a more delayed approach to revealing information on their next gen consoles with both seemingly at a standoff over who will confirm the price of their consoles and open pre-orders first.

The delay in confirmed info, while frustrating to everyone, doesn’t seemed to have killed the hype for the next gen Xbox consoles as Microsoft’s Xbox Series X recently won the Most Wanted Tech award at gamescom 2020 last week.

Update: The official launch trailer has now been leaked in full which confirms framerates of up to 120FPS, raytracing, 4K media streaming, and 4K upscaling for games.

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