New Resume Reading feature in PowerPoint 2013 takes you to your last opened slide

PowerPoint 2013

In an official blog post, Microsoft highlights the new Resume Reading feature available in PowerPoint 2013. The new Resume Reading feature allows a presenter to reopen their presentation on the last slide they were on. This feature is great for those who are working on a large presentation and want to re-open it to the last slide they were working on.

Users will see a callout that will appear at the bottom of the screen which offers you the ability to go to the last slide you were on and also a date of when you were there last. "The coolest thing about this new feature: these bookmarks will follow you wherever you go as long as you are logged into Office. For example, if you open a file from SkyDrive on your laptop at school and later open the same file on your desktop at home, you’ll be able to jump back to where you last were on your laptop. It couldn’t be easier," Microsoft adds. This feature should come in handy for those who work on PowerPoint to create large presentations and need to reopen the presentation for editing.

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