New HockeyApp Bridge App brings fresh data to Application Insights

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Previously, Microsoft announced the transition from Application Insights to HockeyApp was ongoing and kept us all in the loop on updates to the transition.  Now, you can access raw HockeyApp data, gain insights, and export the data to your own data storage through the new HockeyApp Bridge App.

The HockeyApp Bridge App lets you access HockeyApp data in Application Insights through the Analytics and Continuous Export features. Application Insights program manager Evgeny Ternovsky provides a brief explanation of the HockeyApp Bridge App:

“HockeyApp is a great tool for instrumenting your mobile and desktop applications. It has powerful facilities for tracking distribution, adoption, crash reporting, feedback, and other data. Sometimes, however, you need to access, analyze, and visualize your data in ways other than are presently exposed in HockeyApp. This is where the new HockeyApp Bridge application type in Application Insights comes in!”

Ternovsky provides a more in-depth explanation on how to set up and use the HockeyApp Bridge App in Application Insights (tdocumentation available here), as well as answer some of your more important technical questions.

Ternovsky invites users to continue to share your ideas for new features via the Application Insights UserVoice page, ask questions via Application Insights Forum or HockeyApp Support.

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