New features coming for Xbox App on Windows 10 (part one)

New features coming for Xbox App on Windows 10 (part one)

Things are starting to heat up with releases and announcements as we get ready for Build next week, and Xbox is jumping into the fray with news of a slew of new features coming for the Xbox App for Windows 10, and more for the app on Xbox One.

Interestingly, some of the features included in this new update will require "at least Build 10061 or higher", so if you weren't already expecting a new Windows 10 Tech Preview drop, take this as a good sign that lots more news is right around the corner.

According to Major Nelson, the new update aims to make the app more social, while at the same time giving you more control of your Xbox experience via your Windows 10 device.  Included in the update are several fan-requested features, as Microsoft continues its mantra of listening to feedback. You can check out his overview of the new features in this video:

The new app will be able to record game clips of PC games, and this is the feature that will require 10061 or higher.  To open the "Game Bar", press Windows+G on your keyboard, or you can start recording a 30 second clip from a PC game just by pressing Windows+Alt+G. While 30 seconds recording is the default, you can set that via the Game DVR Settings.  For a quick screenshot, you can just press Windows+Alt+PrtScr.

The new app also features Live Tiles, an Avatar app, improvements to the User profile, and real name sharing.

The app also gives you more control of your Xbox, showing recently played games and apps, and a way to pause, fast forward and rewind media on the Xbox from the app. Xbox controller drivers are now included in the app, and if you set up your Xbox with a Digital TV Tuner, you will be able to stream live TV from your Xbox to your Windows 10 device.

There's lots more in this update, too.  Check them out in part two!

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