New book on how to build your own Windows 10 Home Server released

New book on how to build your own Windows 10 Home Server released

Microsoft released the last and final version of Windows Home Server in 2011. Since then homes with multiple devices have had to find their own work-arounds in the absence of a consolidated way to connect up to 10 computers for all-in one centralized backups, health monitoring, files sharing, printer sharing, remote access gateway, media streaming, and more.

But now Terry Walsh, eight time Microsoft Most Valuable Professional awardee and founder of the helpful website We Got Served, is attempting to carry on the tradition of Windows Home Server with a new book titled Building a Windows 10 Home Server.

The 890 page book provides detailed step by step guides for building and configuring your own home server from the ground up with Windows 10.

The book is described as including,

“Detailed walkthroughs include a full guide to building a home server PC, configuring network settings for local and remote access, managing storage pools and Windows RAID arrays, protecting family user accounts and integrating Microsoft’s latest cloud services.”

It also provides in depth coverage of how to keep your data secure as well as your family safe. The Chapter List for the book includes:

Part 1: Building Your Windows 10 Home Server 

  • Planning Your Windows 10 Home Server
  • Introducing Windows 10
  • Selecting Windows 10 Home Server Hardware
  • Assembling Your Windows 10 Home Server
  • Configuring Your Motherboard BIOS
  • Installing and Upgrading to Windows 10
  • Optimizing Windows 10 Power Settings
  • Configuring Network Settings for Your Home Server

Part 2: Configuring Windows 10 as a Home Server

  • Discovering the Windows 10 Start Menu and Desktop
  • Managing Home Server Storage and Storage Spaces
  • Pooling Storage With Stablebit DrivePool
  • Creating Windows RAID Storage Arrays
  • Securing User Accounts with Microsoft Family
  • Sharing Windows 10 Files and Folders
  • Protecting Data on Windows 10 and Other Devices
  • Securing Data With BitLocker Drive Encryption
  • Accessing Your Home Server Remotely
  • Integrating Microsoft Cloud Services – OneDrive
  • Installing an FTP Server on Windows 10

Building a Windows 10 Home Server is currently available today as an eBook for £9.99. After today, it will be available for its full price of £12.99. You can pick up your copy over at We Got Served.

Are you planning to build your own Windows Home Server with Windows 10? Let us know in the comments section what you think Windows 10 could do for providing a Windows Home Server like solution.

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