Microsoft's Edge browser is on its way to Apple's iPads soon

Ever since Edge initially released to the iOS and Android app stores it has proven to be quite popular. In fact, Edge made it to the #3 top free communications app with over 1 million downloads on Android, and the browser even picked up support for iPhone X features on iOS. Well, in the latest milestone, it is looking as though Microsoft Edge may be coming to iPads soon (via MSPoweruser.)

The news comes from Sean Lyndersay, a product manager for Microsoft Edge. He revealed via Twitter the iPad version of Edge is currently in internal testing and is "looking great." Unfortunately, though, things are taking a while to bake in, so iPad users might not see a closed beta test version via TestFlight until early next month.

This is still good to hear, as Edge will currently works on an iPad, but rendered in a scaled up window. Support for iPads and tablets also happens to be one of the most highly requested and desired features, so here's to hoping it comes to light soon.

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