[Updated] Microsoft Edge updated on iOS with iPhone X support

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Microsoft Edge came out of preview on IOS about two weeks ago, but that does not mean Microsoft is stopping their development of the app. The company today released an update for Microsoft Edge beta on iOS, adding in full-screen iPhone X support, and numerous bug fixes and performance improvements.

This update brings the beta version of the iOS Edge app to version 41.6, up from 41.5 just a few days ago. Users who are stills testing the app should find this new version now by opening up the TestFlight app on iOS and then pressing on update.

Edge on Android recently achieved 1 million downloads, so there’s extra fuel for Microsoft to work and improve the app on both platforms. We’re still hoping that the company will add in additional features such as tab syncing and tablet support in the future, but for now, it’s still a solid web browser and alternative to Google Chrome to Safari on iOS.

Update: This update has also come to the regular non-beta version of the app. Users with the standard version of Edge should also be seeing this same update the iOS app store now.

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