Microsoft’s Clipchamp video editor gets better with some key changes

Arif Bacchus

Microsoft's Clipchamp video editing

You might remember the controversy over Clipchamp, a new video editor that’s now pre-installed on Windows 11. It was dubbed by many as one of the worst values in video editing, as the free tier was limited to 480p resolution exports, but Microsoft has now made some changes to the service (which it owns,) that might make it worth it for most people to finally try out (via Neowin.)

The biggest change that most people who are curious about the app might notice is that the free tier now has 1080p exports, rather than 480p. It also includes unlimited exports. As for the paid $72 Creator plan, it now has unlimited video exports, 1080p exports. Business plans ($156 a year) meanwhile, now include unlimited video exports on top of what it already had. Finally, the Business Platinum Plans ($324 a year,) also include unlimited video exports, a change from the past. You can check out the details on Clipchamp’s pricing page.

These changes are appreciated, but since Clipchamp is mainly a web-based video editor, and still not as sophisticated as other solutions like Wondershare Filmora, some creators might still not be interested. There’s also the fact that resolution maxes out at 1080p, and most creators these days might shoot higher than that.

Yet if Microsoft finds a way to include Clipchamp or Clipchamp premium features with Microsoft 365, the value might be there for more people to give it a shot. Do you think these changes make a difference? Let us know in the comments below.