Microsoft’s ARM64 Chromium Edge up for grabs via new leak

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Email Twitter: @MindHead1 Jun 6th, 2019 inNews

Microsoft’s development of its Chromium powered Edge browser has seemingly hit a fever pitch as the software has made to Macs and based on a new leak, ARM64 PCs.

According to a find by Neowin’s Rich Woods, there is a testable version of the Chromium powered Edge for the handful of ARM64 PCs out there.

The new leak comes with Microsoft signature on the installation but oddly, no updater for future releases, perhaps in part due to its x86 emulation model for now.

To grab a copy of the leaked version users can (at their own risk) use the Twitter leak below to test out.

Without an updater accompanying this leak, it seems safe to assume the Edge team has since figured out a way to move the installation from emulation to a more native update process and that anyone testing out version will do so without receiving any new release from this point forward.

Getting Chromium Edge onto ARM64 PCs is another major accomplishment for the browser team and should bode well for things to come as Qualcomm continues to make end roads on its Intel replacing chipsets.

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