Microsoft takes action to prevent Xbox Club invite spamming

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Microsoft has taken measures to prevent Xbox Club owners and admins from spamming other Xbox users with invites.

“With the latest Xbox One System update, we have added Clubs as one of the many new features,” says the official statement Xbox’s Larry Hyrb’s blog. “I wanted to let everyone know that based on the feedback received from our Xbox Insider audience and the data collected, we have adjusted the maximum of invites each club can send and go unanswered. Most clubs won’t notice any changes. But if you are one of the few clubs that has reached that maximum, when you try to send new club invites, only a subset will be sent. The other invites will be dropped silently.”

This is a change that really does benefit all Xbox One and Windows 10 users. There’s nothing worse than being bombarded with random invites to join online clubs that you have no interest in. For Xbox Club owners and admins who want to see their clubs grow though, Larry Hyrb offers two suggestions; Only invite users who have expressed interest in joining or simply direct people to the “Request to join” button.

Xbox Clubs are a new social feature that launched this month on Xbox One and the Xbox apps on Windows 10, iOS, and Android devices. Their primary purpose is to allow gamers to communicate with each other easily and discover new friends with similar interests.

Are you enjoying the new Xbox Clubs feature? How many clubs have you joined? Let us know in the comments below.

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