Microsoft updates Movies & TV app for Windows 10 -
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Microsoft updates Movies & TV app for Windows 10

Microsoft released an update for Windows 10’s Movies & TV app, bringing the app to version 3.6.1271. The update includes two new features, shortcuts for toggling full screen mode and slight reworking of how your Movies & TV collections appear, to remove clutter.
The first feature of the update now allows you to either double click with your mouse to tap the ESC key to toggle in and out of full-screen mode. Tapping the ESC key only seems to exit full screen mode, not enable it. Double clicking anywhere on an open video in the app will toggle it between full screen and windowed mode.
The second feature in the update is an adjustment to the way your Movies & TV collections are displayed. Previously, if you purchased a Movie or TV show with extra content, such as special features or behind the scenes clips, that bonus material would show up as its own item in your collection. As your library starts to build with titles that have bonus content, you would start to get a cluttered view of your collection from seeing seemingly multiple copies of the same thumbnail image. Now, after this latest update, all of that extra content doesn’t overpopulate your collection. Instead you simply access the extra content by going to the detail page of the Movie or TV show that is the centerpiece of that bundle of content you purchased.
The update was announced in the Microsoft Community, and the poster encourages viewers to provide feedback on the Movies & TV app in the Windows Feedback app, UserVoice, or in store reviews so that they can keep improving its experience. The update should install automatically in the background, but if not, you can go to Store, click your user profile to open the drop down menu (the button for it is your Microsoft Account portrait), and then click Downloads and updates. To check if you have the latest version installed you can open your Movies & TV app, click Settings in the bottom right corner of the app, and then click About or What’s New under the App list on the right to see if you have version 3.6.1271.

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