Microsoft To-Do Android app update adds support for multiple accounts

Brad Stephenson

Google Android

The Microsoft To-Do app has updated on Android devices, bringing it to Version 1.44.96. This update made some minor visual tweaks to the dark mode to make it look better but the real noteworthy change is the addition of support for multiple accounts.

This new feature allows To-Do users on Android to add more than the one Microsoft account to the app for creating and editing tasks. This can be useful for those who have a work account but it could also be used for adding a task to someone else’s lists.

Here’s the full release notes:

  • We have some big news—we now support multiple accounts! Always scared of sharing your shopping list with the boss? Now you can keep your work and home life separate with different accounts that you can easily switch between.
  • Like to add tasks to Microsoft To-Do while browsing the web? Then you’ll notice that it now looks a little different when creating a new task from a website or from the widget.
  • We’ve tweaked the gradients in Dark Mode to make it look ?
  • We fixed some translation issues.

Support for multiple accounts hasn’t been added to the Windows 10 or iOS versions yet but given Microsoft’s focus on feature parity with their apps, it should come soon.

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