Microsoft Teams adds option to create Planner and To Do tasks from chats or channel posts

Rabia Noureen

Microsoft Teams Planner (1024x768)

Microsoft Teams has released a new update that enables users to create Tasks from chats or channel posts. This feature was announced back in September 2020, and it is now generally available in the Microsoft Teams desktop app.

The new tasks management experience was spotted yesterday by Microsoft MVP Adam Deltinger in the desktop version of Teams. Prior to this update, users had to copy and paste the message manually in order to create a Microsoft To Do or Planner task. This new functionality has been designed to let users identify tasks that arise naturally in conversations and quickly them tasks directly from any chat/channel conversation in Teams.

Create Task from Teams chat

To try out this feature, hover over any message in a chat and click the context menu (. . .) button. Then, select “More actions,” click the “Create task” option, and a dialogue box will appear on the screen. Finally, set a due date, priority, assignment, or add notes and click the “Add Task” button.

After completing the steps, the task will be created, and it will be available in the Tasks app in Teams and in the “Tasks” list of Microsoft To Do. It is important to note that users will be able to add their individual tasks to “My tasks” and collaborative tasks to any shared plan. Both types of tasks will include a link back to the original chat or channel message to provide context.

Create Task from Teams chat

Overall, the ability to create tasks right from the chat or channel posts is a welcome addition to Microsoft Teams. This capability should make it easier for employees to track important information and take action on them accordingly. The feature is turned on by default in the app, but users will need to install the Tasks app in Teams to use this feature.