Microsoft Solitaire and Mahjong get free Halo themes with latest video game update

As part of Microsoft Solitaire’s 30th anniversary, Halo and Xbox’s 20th anniversary, and the upcoming release of Halo Infinite, all Microsoft Solitaire players on Windows, iOS, and Android have received a free card deck theme inspired by the Halo video game franchise and its characters.

This new theme joins the Xbox 20th Anniversary theme which was also added recently.

Both the Xbox and Halo themes can also be accessed within the iOS and Android versions of Microsoft Mahjong though the Windows version is missing out on this content for some reason.

It’s a good time to be a Halo fan. The Halo Infinite multiplayer preview is beginning this weekend while a plethora of new Halo merchandise has been announced by Razer and the official Xbox Gear Shop.

A Halo Infinite dynamic background is also now available to use on Xbox Series X and S consoles.

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Microsoft Mahjong
Microsoft Mahjong
Developer: Xbox Game Studios
Price: Free
Mahjong by Microsoft
Mahjong by Microsoft
‎Mahjong by Microsoft
‎Mahjong by Microsoft

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