Project Astoria: How easy it looks to port Android apps to Windows 10

Microsoft shows how easy it will be to port Android apps to Windows 10 using "Project Astoria"

Microsoft's Channel 9 released a video today showing just how easy it is to port popular Android apps over to Windows 10 for phones. Microsoft's Operating Systems Group Program Manager, Agnieszka Girling (who you may remember from her presentation at Microsoft Build), details how Project Astoria cuts the time it takes for developers to port Android apps over to Windows 10 for phones.

Sometimes, it merely takes one line of code to port an Android app over to Windows 10 for phones. Once Windows 10 RTM is released, Project Astoria, or Project A as it is referred to, will become available and provides Universal Windows Platform Bridge toolkit that will enable developers to build Windows 10 apps for phones by reusing developers' Android code.     

According to the Project A website, Project A will also allow developers to:

  • Build Windows apps for phones with few code changes.
  • Use a Microsoft interoperability library to integrate Microsoft services into your app with very little effort.
  • Test and debug your app from your preferred IDE.
  • Publish your app and get paid through the Windows Store.

Project A will allow developers to use any computer they want to make changes or debug their app on any computer they choose, whether it be a Chromebook, a Mac or a Windows 10 PC. Watch the video below for more information about Project A. If you are a developer and want to sign up for Project A, you can do so here.

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