Microsoft says "stay faithful," option for more paid OneDrive storage is coming

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While the other tech companies Apple, Google, and even Dropbox already have storage plans that exceed the former 1 TB limit, Microsoft's OneDrive still doesn't have a plan that goes higher than 1 TB. As phones get better and their cameras get upgraded, more people than ever have devices that take high-resolution photos and 4K video. This means cloud storage is also getting filled a lot more quickly, and a single terabyte no longer works for everyone.

Luckily it seems Microsoft is working on offering the option for more storage, according to Omar Shahine, who is the Microsoft's Director of Program Management for OneDrive. While Shahine's tweet does shed some light on increased storage limits, it's still not clear if the current plan will be upgraded or if the upgraded storage will be a separate plan of its own.

Microsoft's OneDrive used to have an unlimited storage option at one time, but the abuse that many user put the service though caused the company to put a 1 TB quota on all Office 365 consumer accounts. Perhaps an upgrade to the storage plans is just what the service needs to compete with the likes of iCloud and Google Drive.

Is the current 1 TB storage enough for you, or do you think Microsoft needs to upgrade the current storage plans? Feel free to tell us what you think about this in the comment section below.

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