Microsoft Rewards is now rolling out in the UK

Last year, Microsoft replaced its Bing Rewards program with the Microsoft Rewards program in the US, making it easier for consumers to earn points and snag gifts cards, free subscriptions and more. The new rewards program has since been expanded to Australia last month, and today it has started to roll out to consumers in the UK (via Neowin).

As Microsoft's Bing Rewards program used to be US-only, it's good to see that the company is slowly pushing its new rewards program in more markets. You can register for the program on this page and immediately start to earn points by doing searches on Bing (you'll need to stay signed in with your Microsoft account), browsing the web with Microsoft Edge or making purchases on the Windows Store and Microsoft Store. Don't forget to often check your Rewards page to learn about more opportunities to earn those points!

If you're really dedicated, you'll see that it's quite easy to earn points: you can even do so on mobile devices by using the Bing app or asking Cortana to do Bing searches. Once you have enough points, you can check eligible rewards on your Rewards page, and we invite you to check our detailed tutorial for more tips.


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