Microsoft releases new firmware updates for its Surface Pro X (SQ1 & SQ2) models

Microsoft is rolling out a series of new firmware and driver updates for its ARM-based Surface Pro X tablets. Both Surface Pro X models with SQ1 and SQ2 processors are getting their own sets of updates, packed with a host of performance enhancements.

The changelog is a bit longer for the original Surface Pro X with the SQ1 processor, and the latest batch improves Eye Contact support and fixes Wi-Fi network stability issues for all users. You can check out the full list of changes below:

  • Qualcomm(R) Adreno(TM) 680 GPU - Display adapters: 26.18.1250.0 Improves graphics performance and stability.
  • Qualcomm(R) Bus Device: 1.0.1220.0 Improves device stability when resumes from sleep.
  • Qualcomm(R) Hexagon (TM) 690 DSP: 1.0.1260.0 Improves the Eye Contact feature and improves stability.
  • Qualcomm(R) System Manager Device: 1.0.1120.0 Addresses security updates and improves system stability.
  • Qualcomm(R) Wi-Fi B/G/N/AC (2x2) Svc - Network adapters: 1.0.1260.0 Improves Wi-Fi network stability.
  • Surface Panel - Monitor: Improves the device color profile performance.
  • Surface Pro X Power Engine Plug-in Device: 1.0.1260.0 Optimizes power performance and stability.
  • Surface System Aggregator – Firmware: 14.309.139.0 * Improves Battery Smart Charging reliability.
  • Surface UEFI – Firmware: 3.530.140.0 Improves system stability.

Microsoft’s new Surface Pro X model with the SQ2 chipset is also getting some important updates to improve stability, performance, and Surface Pen inking. The latest updates are available for all Surface Pro X devices running Windows 10 May 2020 Update or newer, and you can get more details in the full release notes below:

  • Qualcomm(R) Wi-Fi B/G/N/AC (2x2) Svc - Network adapters: 1.0.1220.0 Improves device stability when resumes from sleep.
  • Surface 0953 Fw Update – Firmware: Improves Surface Pen inking.
  • Surface Pen Cfu Over BleLc Extn Package - Extension: Improves Surface Pen inking.
  • Qualcomm(R) USBC UCSI Participant – System devices: Address system bugcheck.
  • Surface Panel - Monitor: Improves the device color profile performance.
  • Surface UEFI – Firmware: Improves system stability and addresses system bugcheck.
  • Surface Dock 2 Firmware Update Driver - Extension: Improves Surface Dock 2 reliability during Wake On LAN scenarios and improves the overall stability.

As usual, Microsoft has noted that the updates will be rolling out in stages, so you might not get the new firmware updates right away. In case you missed it, Microsoft has also released December 2020 firmware updates for the Surface Pro 5, Surface Pro 6, Surface Laptop 1 & 2, and Surface Book 3 devices earlier this month. Feel free to check out our separate posts for more details.

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