Microsoft releases a fix for Surface Pro 4 Windows Hello issues

Arif Bacchus

Surface Pro 4

This last weekend, many Surface Pro 4 users were reporting issues with Windows Hello logins after they installed a recent driver update to the devices. Well, as noted by Neowin, it turns out that Microsoft has finally released a new fix for the issue, and you can download it now from Windows Update.

The official fix is being delivered by a firmware update and is very timely, but it still not exactly certain if a driver issue was indeed causing the Windows Hello issues in the first place. You can find the fix now in Windows Update listed as “Surface – System –,” or you can head to this page and download it. Alternately, you also download Microsoft’s Surface Diagnostic Toolkit app in Windows Store and run through the various prompts until the update is downloaded.

The device manager name for the update as “Surface Camera Windows Hello,” and the changelog reveals the details of the fix that many have been wanting for the past few days.

  • resolves Windows Hello experience error.

An attached chart on the Surface Pro 4 Update History page indicates that this update only improves reliability, and brings no security, connectivity, compatibility, performance, or battery life updates. Let us know if this update has resolved your Windows Hello issues by dropping us a comment below.