Microsoft promises a new Windows 10 preview build will be coming soon

Microsoft promises a new Windows 10 preview build will be coming soon

Yesterday, we learned that the Windows Insider Program has had over one million registrants in just under two weeks. On top of that, over 200,000 pieces of feedback were given to Microsoft from participants of the program.

Microsoft revealed this information in an official blog post yesterday, and also revealed that a new build of Windows 10 would be coming soon too. Here is what Microsoft's Joe Belfiore said: "Going forward, he’ll [Gabriel Aul] be the one blogging about the Windows Insider Program and each new build we release to Windows Insiders. A new build should be coming soon too!"

Belfiore was referring to Gabriel Aul, who runs the company's Data and Fundamentals Team. His job is to spend time going through all the telemetry data and feedback received from the Insider Program. With that being said, prepare yourself for another Windows 10 Technical Preview build, which is right around the corner. No word on exactly what the next build will feature. Perhaps the next build will feature improvements based on user feedback. 

Better yet, this new build will be obtainable within the Windows 10 Technical Preview. This means you can head over to PC Settings > Update and Recovery > Preview Builds, and snag yourself the latest build when it becomes available for download. How cool is that?

As we have mentioned before, the Windows Insider Program allows Microsoft to release regular updates to consumers with ease, thanks to feedback generated by participants of the program. This allows participants to do some 'real-world' testing on a new feature or improvement prior to it being rolled out to the general public. Windows 10 is set to become the first operating system from Microsoft to be radically different for consumers and IT professionals.

We're going to see an operating system that becomes better a lot faster than before.

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