Microsoft mistakenly caps some OneDrive for Business accounts at 1TB – a year early

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Microsoft has made a few mistakes this week. We reported on Monday about Red Dead Redemption mistakenly being added to backwards compatibility, and there is yet another mistake to report on today.  This time, the Redmond company has mistakenly capped some user’s OneDrive storage limits ahead of the promised one year grace period.

The mistake was first noted by angry users on the OneDrive user voice forums. It comes a few months after Microsoft backed down from cutting the free storage on consumer accounts from 15GB to 5 GB.

Microsoft released an official statement saying:

“Some OneDrive customers may have been prematurely migrated to a 1TB storage plan. Data stored with OneDrive remains secure during this process, and we’re working hard to revert those users back to their original plan as soon as possible. All Office 365 users with over 1TB of storage will be able to keep that storage limit for at least one year as previously announced.” Please stay tuned to the OneDrive blog for future storage plan updates.”

This time, the cut was indeed a mistake, but once the one year grace period is over, the cut will be permanent. So, if you’re a OneDrive datahog, you might want to cut back on your storage sometime by the end of the year.

(via ZDNet)


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