Microsoft might release Windows 10 Mobile 10586.11 soon to Windows Insiders

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With the Lumia 950 being available for ordering online today at AT&T, and the 950 XL up for pre-order in the Microsoft Store, there’s no doubt that the company has a locked-in shipping version of Windows 10 Mobile. So far, it’s looking like build 10586 is the culprit, and so it’s no surprise that we should be expecting a Windows Insider build sometime soon. forum members, then, aren’t going to far afield in predicting that we’ll see such a build issuing forth sometime soon. And specifically, the version will be 10586.11, up from 10586.0.

Random Windows 10 Mobile screenshot showing build 10586.11.
Random Windows 10 Mobile screenshot showing build 10586.11.

We’ll be keeping our radar on for any signs of a new build, and of course reporting on it pronto. In the meantime, make sure you head over to the Microsoft Store and get your Lumia 950 XL pre-order in, if you’re so inclined. They’re selling out fast.

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