Microsoft is launching a fan-focused ad campaign celebration alongside Windows 10 release -
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Microsoft is launching a fan-focused ad campaign celebration alongside Windows 10 release


Windows 10 is perhaps the biggest and most exciting future release of the Windows operating. It feels completely refreshed, and almost feels completely new. With that, Microsoft wants to create new Windows fans with the launch of a new advertising campaign happening on the day of release of Windows 10, which is expected on July 29. 

Microsoft is hosting several celebrations for its 5 million insiders in 13 cities all over the world including New York, London, Tokyo, Beijing, Singapore, and others. The events will give some Insiders the opportunity to test devices hands-on, as well as a possible opportunity to meet the the team behind Windows 10. 

The company is also starting some programs that will help new customers to upgrade to the new operating system. Retailers who are participating in this program include Best Buy, Walmart, Dixons, and others. 

Starting July 20 in the United States, and July 29 everywhere else, Microsoft will also launch a few video and television ads that promote Windows 10 and how it gives a "more human way to do" stuff. The advertisements will be promoting other things such as Windows Hello, which makes unlocking your device as quick and easy as a fingerprint or facial scan, and Microsoft Edge, the company's brand new web browser. 

The theme of the campaign Microsoft is using is to "Upgrade Your World," which is the company's initiative to partner with over 100 nonprofits and help them to "upgrade the world". In addition, the company will also be helping ten non-profits by investing a total of about $10 million to companies such as, CARE, Keep a Child Alive, Global Poverty Project, The Nature Conservancy, and a few others. 

For our readers who aren’t familiar with the release strategy of Windows 10, it'll be a staggered release. Insiders will get it first, and it will eventually become available for OEMs and everyone else.

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