Microsoft launches three new cloud offerings for Financial Services, Manufacturing, and Nonprofits

Laurent Giret

Microsoft is launching today new industry-specific cloud offerings for Financial Services, Manufacturing, and Nonprofits. These industry clouds will bundle together APIs and industry-specific components with Microsoft’s own services such as Azure and Dynamics 365, making it easier for companies to transform at scale.

“Designed with industry challenges in mind, these clouds can enable organizations to jump ahead and deliver value at record pace. This is because they provide an on-ramp to the broader portfolio of Microsoft cloud services, enabling customers to begin with the areas where the need for technology transformation is most urgent,” explained Alysa Taylor, CVP of Business Applications & Global Industry at Microsoft.

The Microsoft Cloud for Financial services will support the highest security and compliance standards, and it will also include a new feature called Loan Manager that will go in public preview next month. The Microsoft Cloud for Retail, which was introduced in January and is currently available in private preview will also be available for public preview in March.

The Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing, which will help customers create intelligent systems and agile factories will enter public preview by the end of June. The company announced a similar timeline for the Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofits. As the COVID-19 has disrupted many industries worldwide, Microsoft seems uniquely positioned to help companies adapt to this new context by leveraging cloud technologies.