Microsoft launches official Xbox server on Discord

Jack Wilkinson

Microsoft has launched a new Discord server for Xbox. Discord allows people to come together to discuss specific topics, much like TeamSpeak. It is widely used amongst gaming communities and is dubbed as a competitor to both Skype and TeamSpeak.

Speaking on Twitter, Microsoft’s Partner Director of Program Management at Xbox, announced the new Xbox Discord server:

With Discord, users can chat to other gamers in the community via text, or there are a couple rooms where voice is also enabled, allowing the use of microphones. Rooms are categories either by game, community, app or product; some examples include Pokemon Go, Twitch and Halo.

Within the Xbox Discord server, there will be Microsoft employees around, such as Ybarra himself, who is an administrator of the server, as well as several moderators. Upon entering the server, it is advised to adjust your notification settings accordingly, as the chat is fast-moving.

For those wondering, Discord has a desktop app for Windows, however, it does not currently offer an app for Windows 10 Mobile. A developer is working on creating a third-party app to use Discord on Windows 10 Mobile, however, which should be releasing soon, called Clamour.

To join the Discord server, click here to accept the invite.