Microsoft launches new ‘Share to Teams’ button for web content

Arif Bacchus

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Microsoft has announced that its educational partners and web developers can now embed a “Share to Teams” on websites. The new button makes it easier for students to share content from the web in Microsoft Teams channels and will allow teachers to create Microsoft Teams class assignments directly from participating learning tools.

Currently, the new “Share to teams Button” works on a few educational websites like Wakelet, Buncee, and Kahoot. These services already allow teachers and students to collaborate on projects, and with the new addition of the “Share to Teams” button, sharing information into Teams will be a bit easier. Some of the other educational partners which have come on board to support the new Share to Teams button include Britannica School, Soundtrap, Lifelique, and Kano.

The user experience with the “Share to Teams” button.

Developers interested in learning more about how to embed the “Share to Teams” button can read Microsoft’s step-by-step coding documentation here. The new experience comes after Microsoft introduced a “Share to Skype” button which allowed to share web content into a Skype chat.