Microsoft launches 'Better with Cortana' Windows 10 app collection

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If you followed all the announcements from Build 2016 introduction keynote today, you may now be aware that the Windows Store and Cortana will both play a significant role in the future of Windows 10. Some Windows 10 apps are already leveraging Microsoft digital assistant to enable voice commands, but Microsoft has just announced today the launch of a new "Better with Cortana" Windows 10 app collection to make the apps which are leveraging the digital assistant more discoverable by users.

The 'better with cortana' windows 10 app collection.
The 'better with cortana' windows 10 app collection.

For now, the collection only features 20 apps such as Shazam, Netflix, Pandora, Uber, Audible, and Wunderlist, but we expect this list to grow in the coming months as Cortana and the Windows Store will soon expand their global reach. First, we learned today that with the upcoming Windows 10 anniversary update will make Cortana available in 13 more countries, an expansion of the service that’s going to make the digital assistant much more widespread. More, both Cortana and the Windows Store are also coming to the Xbox One very soon. Please tell us in the comments if you would like more apps to integrate with Cortana.

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