Microsoft finally launches Microsoft Edge for Business: boosting work security and productivity

Devesh Beri

A new version of Microsoft Edge called Microsoft Edge for Business has been released, focusing on security, productivity, and manageability. This release was originally planned for August 17.

One of its main features is automatic switching between work and personal browsing. This keeps work and personal data separate, including caches and storage locations.

Microsoft Edge
Microsoft Edge

Microsoft emphasizes Edge for Business’s security benefits, highlighting its ability to counter cyberattacks effectively. Furthermore, users can access the same browsing experience on their iOS and Android devices.

Regarding user interface changes, the browser features an updated Edge for Business icon, and it now supports automatic sign-in for users utilizing Microsoft Entra IDs. This streamlined sign-in process provides convenient access to resources and services.

Microsoft Edge for Business 0 19 screenshot

IT administrators will control policies and configurations in Edge for Business through the Microsoft Edge management service.

In summary, Microsoft Edge for Business is designed to provide organizations with a secure and practical browsing experience, maintaining a balance between security and user privacy in today’s hybrid work environment.