Edge for Business by Microsoft is all set to be launched next week

Devesh Beri

Microsoft is preparing to roll out Microsoft Edge for Business, a new browsing experience to separate personal and professional online activities. The launch is scheduled for next week, on August 17, 2023, to be exact, coinciding with the release of Microsoft Edge stable version 116. Other than this, a new Team Chat experience is also coming to Microsoft Edge.

Unveiled during May’s Build 2023 developer conference, Microsoft Edge for Business allows users to keep personal and professional browsing distinct without needing third-party browsers. The transition to the new browsing experience will be automatic for users signing into Edge using Microsoft Entra ID.

Security and Accessibility

Microsoft is highlighting the security features of Edge for Business, which can effectively counter cyberattacks. Additionally, users can access the same browsing experience on their iOS and Android devices.

New Icon and Sign-In Process

The user interface of the browser has undergone some notable changes. Among these changes is the updated Edge for Business icon. Additionally, the browser now supports automatic sign-in for users with Microsoft Entra IDs, making it convenient to access resources and services. Finally, upon launching the browser for the first time, users will be greeted with an informative banner highlighting new features and enhancements.

via Windows Central