Microsoft Employee who supplied Windows 8 leaks has been arrested

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Leaked Windows 8 pre-release screenshot

Things just got serious. Remember those Windows 8 leaks we had a few years ago during the development of the operating system? Well, according to sources, the Microsoft Employee who supplied the leaks to leakers has been arrested for stealing Windows-related trade secrets.

The Microsoft Employee goes by the name of Alex Kibkalo, who was a Senior Architect at Microsoft during the time of Windows 8's development. Windows 8 was known as the first operating system in which had a very strict NDA during it's development phase.

Not many builds leaked, but we had a tonne of information and screenshot leaks throughout its development phase. The leaks came from a number of different leakers, but one that stands out goes by the name of 'Canouna' who even opened his/her own blog by the name of WinUnleaked strictly for Windows 8 related leaks.

Not only did the Microsoft Employee leak Windows 8 information, but also supplied Windows 7 program files and even the Microsoft Activation Server Software Development Kit, which can be used to reverse engineer and crack the Activation process within Windows.

According to the report, Kibkalo gave the leaker access to virtual machines with pre-release builds of Windows 8 on them, as well as supplying download links to Windows 8 RT software. The leaker was someone in France, and has remained unnamed at this precise time.

Kibkalo had worked for Microsoft for seven years and received a poor performance review in 2012. He threatened to resign if the review was not amended. 

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