First Microsoft Edge Dev version 92 build arrives right as Edge version 91 hits the Beta channel

Arif Bacchus

Microsoft Edge

It’s a busy day if you are a Microsoft Edge Insider. The first major version 92 build has finally arrived in the Dev channel, right as Edge version 91 also hit the Beta channel. That’s a lot of news, but we have got you covered with our usual look at everything you need to know.

First off, we want to take note of Microsoft Edge version 91 hitting the Beta channel. Microsoft hasn’t yet pushed out any release notes, but Neowin was the first to spot the movement of this build within the channels after Microsoft teased it last week. Microsoft also mentioned it in the Dev Channel changelog, too.

There’s a couple of things new between the last beta channel release and this new one. Color themes in appearance settings, new history, and favorite management pages, and the final rollout of the Password Monitor feature are just a couple of things that are new. If you’re interested in more changes, please do check out our Microsoft Edge news hub, where we’ve covered with the full changelogs for all of the previous Dev Channel releases which mention new features.

Now, for Edge version 92 in the Dev Channel. This week’s build comes in at 92.0.873.1. There isn’t anything noteworthy as it’s one of the first from version 92, but there are two added features. Microsoft enabled support for a management policy from Chromium to control if Shared Array Buffer Unrestricted Access is Allowed. They also enabled support for a management policy from Chromium to control if Headless Mode is Enabled.

Looking at the improved reliability and the changes in Edge Dev version 92, there are a few to note. Microsoft has fixed an issue where certain websites randomly crash. They also fixed a crash when playing certain videos, or sending feedback. Importantly, they fixed an issue where the browser sometimes is broken and can’t navigate anywhere if multiple separate user accounts are logged into the device simultaneously. See below for the other urgent changes, with the full list here at Microsoft.

  • Fixed an issue where the setting and the management policy to disable the password reveal button in password fields on webpages doesn’t work.
  • Fixed an issue where the management policy to Go To Intranet Site For Single Word Entry In Address Bar doesn’t work.
  • Fixed an issue where changes to saved passwords sometimes don’t sync.
  • Fixed an issue where notes or comments in Collections don’t sync alongside the rest of the content.
  • Fixed an issue where opening favorites from the Favorites management page sometimes fails.
  • Fixed an issue where the prompt to restore tabs after opening the browser unexpectedly appears.
  • Fixed an issue where selecting all text in a PDF sometimes doesn’t actually select all text.
  • Fixed an issue where favicons in the Windows taskbar preview thumbnails that appear when you hover over a window icon on the taskbar sometimes aren’t correct.
  • Fixed an issue where clicking on Taskbar shortcuts of pinned websites or websites installed as apps sometimes opens a window with a separate Taskbar icon instead of attaching the window to the existing one.

The known issues for this release are the same as the last couple of weeks. Microsoft is hung up on getting these fixed, it seems as these have persisted over past the few months. As a reminder, these include issues with the Microsoft Editor extension not working on Linux,  problems with ad blocking extensions, Kaspersky Internet Suite, favorites being duplicated, and wobbling when scrolling.

That’s all we have for this week! As a reminder, you’re now not just limited to Edge Dev and Canary builds on your PC. Today it became possible to download Edge Dev builds on Android. That was just a couple of weeks after Edge Canary came to Android. Still no word yet on iOS, though, but it seems like Microsoft is definitely pushing to innovate its browser really fast and on the same page as Chrome.