Microsoft daily stats: 63 billion minutes on Edge, 6 billion Cortana queries, and 19 billion hours of Windows 10 gaming

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As Microsoft heads towards its impending release of the official Windows 10 Anniversary Update on August 2, the company apparently wants to keep us abreast of some of the statistics surrounding Windows 10 and its various features and components. The most important statistics--350 million active Windows 10 installs--is already well known, but Microsoft's official Twitter account has made us aware of a few other interesting stats (via Neowin).

Those are all some interesting stats that demonstrate the scope of what Microsoft is accomplishing with Windows 10. The company might not achieve its goal of a billion active Windows 10 installs by 2018, but the company is well on its way to establishing one of the most important future platforms.

Of course, it's worth noting that there's only one day remaining before Windows 10 becomes a paid-for upgrade, and so if you haven't upgraded yet for free, you might want to get on it. Let us know in the comments if you're impressed by these daily Windows 10 stats.

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