Microsoft cuts the price of its Lumia 650 to £109 in the UK, €129 elsewhere in Europe

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Earlier, we reported that Microsoft permanently reduced the price of its Lumia 950 and 950 XL devices in the United Kingdom. Now, the company has also cut the price of one of its other Windows 10 Mobile devices - the Lumia 650.

The Lumia 650 is a little different to most Windows phones. We're used to seeing the 100% polycarbonate encasing, with no aluminium in sight; however, with the Lumia 650, it includes an aluminium strip across its body, adding a touch of premium to the mid-range device.

Microsoft has now cut the price of the Lumia 650 to £109 in the UK, followed by €129 in other parts of Europe, including Ireland (via WindowsCentral).

The countries in Europe that are benefiting from the price reduction are as follows:

  • United Kingdom - £109
  • Ireland - €129
  • Germany - €129
  • Spain - €129
  • Belgium - €129

The device can be purchased from the Microsoft Store website.

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