Microsoft built a Windows 10 IoT-powered air hockey table

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Last week, Microsoft introduced Windows 10 IoT Core -- a new edition of Windows 10 geared towards small, embedded devices that may or may not have screens.  Windows 10 IoT Core does not have a shell experience. Instead, developers can write a Universal app that acts as the interface for the device. To demonstrate Windows 10 IoT Core, Microsoft build a robotic air-hockey table.
For those wondering, IoT stands for Internet of Things, designed to allow small devices to connect to each other and utilize the internet to exchange data. Windows 10 IoT is compatible with the Raspberry Pi 2 and the MinnowBoard Max, two tiny computers that are quite popular with small device makers.
"IoT core designed to have a low barrier to entry and make it easy to build professional grade devices. It’s designed to work with a variety of open source languages and works well with Visual Studio," Microsoft stated in an official blog post. You can watch the air-hockey table in action below.

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