Microsoft and Salesforce still chummy with new app for Outlook

Microsoft and Salesfoce still chummy with new app for Outlook released

As it seems like Microsoft just threw up all over the news today and some tidbits may have gotten lost in the commotion. While Microsoft released information on the future of Windows, they were simultaneously splurging up some of their existing partnerships. Today, Microsoft released a new Salesforce app for Outlook for the low price of free.

The new app offers users of both Microsoft and Salesforce services an easy and single source for checking Salesforce contacts, accounts, leads, and opportunities when customer emails are highlighted.

Microsoft and Salesfoce still chummy with new app for Outlook released

The app is being called Salesforce for Outlook (yeah Microsoft still sucks at creating buzz worthy names sometimes) and the app works with Office 2013, Office 365, Outlook Web App (OWA), and Outlook for Mac. Also noted, the app is currently in beta and requires a subscription to Salesforce Enterprise Edition (or higher) in order to access the new app features. This strategic partnership between Salesforce is intended to help millions of people use both Outlook and Salesforce to run their businesses.

The app can be found for free in the Office Store.

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