Marvel's Blade comes to Fortnite just in time for the video game's 3rd Anniversary weekend event -
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Marvel's Blade comes to Fortnite just in time for the video game's 3rd Anniversary weekend event

Continuing with the current season’s Marvel Comics theme, Blade has now come to the popular Fortnite video game on Xbox One and all other supported platforms (i.e. pretty much everywhere except for Apple’s devices).

The half-human half-vampire isn’t part of the main Battle Pass but he can be purchased separately for 2,000 V-Bucks. The price is admittedly steep but he does come with two different looks (see above) that could convince fans of the character to pick him up.

Blade is the second new Marvel character to join Fortnite outside of the Battle Pass this season. Silver Surfer was the first and many more are expected to follow between now and the end of the season on November 30th. Leakers have already revealed that Venom is set to appear sometime before then and there have been numerous clues hinting at Spider-Man, Black Panther, the Fantastic Four, and Nick Fury as well.

Several upcoming comic book covers also seemingly confirm the imminent arrival of Daredevil, Ghost Rider, Captain Marvel, and Black Panther.

The addition of Blade kicks off one of Fortnite’s biggest weekends which will see a variety of 3rd Birthday events and items being added to the game, an in-game KPOP concert headed by the mega-popular BTS, and some cross-promotion between Fortnite and Rocket League which just went free-to-play.

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Developer: Epic Games Inc.
Price: Free
Fortnite - 1,000 V-Bucks
Fortnite - 1,000 V-Bucks
Developer: Epic Games Inc.
Price: $7.99

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