Longtime Microsoft partner Technosoft opens Skype for Business engineering lab in Redmond

Technosoft, a Michigan-based IT and BPM services provider, has announced today that it has opened a new 3,000 square-foot "co-engineering lab" close from Microsoft's campus in Redmond, Washington (via Geekwire). The company will use this new space to help Microsoft make Skype for Business a better platform for businesses.

Technosoft CEO Richard Penington shared in an interview with GeekWire:

We believe Microsoft has a powerful Skype for Business platform that is a clear marketplace winner and will drive how businesses collaborate. What we’re working on with them is a single platform for calling, conference, and video sharing that creates functionality and efficiencies.

Technosoft is a longtime Microsoft partner, and both companies first collaborated on a conferencing program called Roundtable back in 2003. "We are absolutely honored that all the products which we helped develop for Microsoft are currently at each and every desk of 130,000 Microsoft employees," explained Technosoft associate vice president of the western region Dave Das. According to the report, the company which does application development and testing will also be in charge of controlling the quality of third-party software running on Microsoft services.

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