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Sep 5th, 2018, by in Latest news

According to a new report in The Information (paywall but you can enter your email for a free read), Microsoft and Huawei, the Chinese technology manufacturer, are in talks to begin using the company’s new AI chips in Microsoft data centers within China. Huawei has been effectively banned from use in the US due to […]

Dec 7th, 2016, by in Latest news

At the 2016 Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS) Conference in Barcelona, Cray Inc. released details of a report on deep learning that was developed in partnership with Microsoft and the Swiss National Supercomputing Centre (CSCS), a reputable super computing institution. In the report, Cray supercomputers were using deep learning algorithms running at scale. Microsoft and […]

Aug 22nd, 2016, by in Latest news

Technosoft, an IT and BPM services provider and longtime Microsoft partner, has opened a new 3,000 square-foot “co-engineering lab” close from Microsoft’s campus to help the company make Skype for Business a better platform for businesses.

Jan 14th, 2016, by in Latest news

Microsoft Skype has been in the news quite a bit lately, with Skype Translator coming to all Windows desktop users, Skype scheduling added to Outlook for iOS and Android, and Microsoft is investing in Skype for Business technology. The other day, Microsoft’s Skype blog let us know that they’re looking to have a little fun, as […]

Sep 25th, 2015, by in Latest news

There is no denying that Microsoft is in a very ‘collaborative’ mood as of late. The software and services company at its core has always been about partnerships, deals, and collaborations. However, over the last few years, Microsoft has muddied the waters a bit, on where it wanted to stand in certain industries. To its […]

Sep 23rd, 2015, by in Latest news

The relationship between Microsoft and China recently, has been prickly, to put it nicely. While, Microsoft’s Windows OS has a significant desktop presence there, the awkward level of nationwide piracy obscures Microsoft ability to monetize its efforts in the area effectively. Added complications include Microsoft’s mobile ambitions in China that are all but extinguish, as […]

Jul 8th, 2015, by in Latest news

Melanie Gass may not be a familiar name to some of you. She’s an internet radio “personality” covering Microsoft related stories on a site called “The Microsoft Princess“. There, she dispenses weekly tips and discusses the latest developments in the world of Microsoft. She hasn’t escaped the notice of the tech giant because they’ve just signed her up […]

Jul 1st, 2015, by in Latest news

With each passing day, Microsoft and the Linux community are finding ever increasing ways to put aside past differences and embrace the future together. While the storied history of the two communities will never be forgotten, perhaps Microsoft’s future will foster a more pleasant relationship between the two. Earlier this week, Microsoft and the Linux […]

Apr 7th, 2015, by in Latest news

Earlier today, we reported Getty Images announcement of a partnership between Microsoft and Getty Images. On the outside, the connection makes complete sense. With this new deal, Microsoft can further bolster their Bing image portfolio across their newly expanded ecosystem, and Getty Images gets a bit more online recognition in online searches. The companies’ new found development […]

Dec 31st, 2014, by in Latest news

Big Data is an emerging field of computer science and has been a buzz phrase in the industry for a couple of years. The concept of collecting massive amounts of data and processing the data to gain insights has been booming in recent years. Now Microsoft Asia is partnering with Tsinghua Univeristy in China to further […]

Aug 18th, 2014, by in Latest news

Microsoft and Samsung have reportedly been in talks to decide how to adjust the recently failed patent licensing agreement. Recently Samsung stopped paying Microsoft for use of their Android patent portfolio.  This prompted Microsoft to sue Samsung for failing to pay and not paying interest on missed payments. Now the two companies are attempting to […]

May 19th, 2014, by in Latest news

Microsoft and SAP, a German business software maker, have been working together for over 20 years. Today, Microsoft has announced an extension of their partnership with SAP in enterprise cloud computing, mobile devices, and other areas.  By the end of next month, SAP will certify a number of their business applications to run on Microsoft Azure, including SAP […]

May 15th, 2014, by in Latest news

Insteon is a technology based company that has been in business for over 20 years. Insteon’s expertise is in home automation, providing technology that enables light switches, lights, thermostats, motion sensors, and other devices to inter-operate through power lines, radio frequency communications, or both. Today, Microsoft has announced a partnership with Insteon. They’re bringing an enhanced version of its Insteon app […]

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