Latest Surface Pro 4 firmware changelog includes support for an "upcoming product release" -
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Latest Surface Pro 4 firmware changelog includes support for an "upcoming product release"

Earlier today the changelogs for the Surface Pro 4 firmware update were released. While the logs were filled with plenty of details on how the battery life and storage performance were improved for Surface Pro 4 users, it also made vague mention of "support for an upcoming product release."

Surface Pro 4 firmware support upcoming release

Of course, one can't help but think what product this might be, but given that this changelog is for a device in the Surface family, we may have a few suggestions as to what product Microsoft may be referring to. Again, these are just pure suggestions and speculation, and nothing is official or written in stone as of yet.

While support for the physical Surface Pro 5 or next generation Pro device is obviously out of the picture for this case, the support could possibly be for a new accessory such as a Type Cover, or a Surface Pen, or perhaps something completely different.

In fact, one can also assume that if Microsoft were to release a new Surface Pro 5 product, the accessories might also be compatible with the Surface Pro 4. Microsoft did, in fact, surprise us before with the Surface Dial, so the note in this change log might be some hope that we may see a new Surface related accessory or Surface device soon.

What do you think Microsoft was referring to by saying "Support for an upcoming product release?" Could it be a Surface Phone, or a new Surface device? Let us know what you think by dropping us a comment below!

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