Instagram integrates Boomerang, adds new features for select Windows 10 Mobile users

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Seems like the Facebook-owned Instagram could be testing some new features for its next public release. According to Windows Central, the image and video collecting application has rolled out an update to version 10.738.64166 but it’s only for a select few.

In the exclusive update, users are reporting access to Boomerang, night mode, and hands-free options.

  • Boomerang – Originally introduced as its own app from Instagram in 2015 on iOS and Android, this feature supports creating short video back and forth loops for your Instagram account. Necessary for countless gif creations.
  • Night Mode – Tweaks how your phone perceives low lighting and makes it easier to take pictures/videos in the dark.
  • Hands-free – A much-requested feature that lets the user record without having to hold their finger down.

Unfortunately, reports claim that the HP Elite X3 running Windows 10 are the only devices that were allowed to have the update. Curiously enough, these devices weren’t even enabled for Insider access, leaving users free to toy with the new features. Some speculation claims that the release might have even been accidental.

Do you have a device that got the exclusive update? We’d love to hear from you as we learn more about this strangely exclusive release. Be sure to follow here or on our Twitter for more.

Developer: Instagram
Price: Free
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