HP releases a few more HP Elite X3 videos highlighting business applications

HP's upcoming Elite X3 flagship Windows 10 Mobile device has been getting more attention lately, from new information releasing at Computex to a video highlighting some of its capabilities for business customers. Now, HP has released even more videos, and again they're focusing on how well the Elite X3 helps business users be more productive (via Windows Central).

First up is focus on mobility in the workplace:


Next up is an overview of how the Elite X3 was "build from the ground up for the needs of commercial business users" and how the smartphone can transition from a phone into a "next-gen computing device":


Finally, this video covers the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 at the heart of the Elite X3:


So, while the HP Elite X3 remains focused on business customers and its suitability for consumers has so far been downplayed by HP, the smartphone looks like a winner. We're very much looking forward to seeing this device in the wild, and remain impressed with the design and capabilities that HP is bringing to Windows 10 Mobile.

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