Gapless music comes to Groove Music

Microsoft’s Groove Music has received a few updates recently. Its Windows Phone version added the ability for users to filter music by genre and browse styles of music, made it easier to shop for songs or albums in the Windows Store, and presented users with a way to discover new songs and artists in the Explore Hub.
The PC version of Groove Music meanwhile has received mostly stability and bug squashing updates but did get a rather noticeable new feature today; gapless playback. This means that music listeners now have the option to remove any sort of pause, or gap, between audio tracks which is useful when listening to an audiobook or other album where tracks are meant to bleed into one another.
Microsoft recently announced that it would be integrating iHeartRadio into Groove Music in a future update. Todd Brix, GM of the Windows Store and Developer Marketing for Microsoft said on the collaboration that, “We are thrilled to bring iHeartRadio to Groove and create a complete, end to end music experience for Windows 10 consumers. Groove delivers one place to access your music, your radio stations and your premium subscription music.” You can read more about iHeartRadio and Groove Music in our full report here.
Microsoft is continually taking suggestions for features to add to Groove Music in future updates. One convenient way to let Microsoft know what you want to see is via the built-in Feedback app in Windows 10. It lets users submit new suggestions and upvote ideas created by other people that the community thinks should be implemented.
Are you happy with Groove Music as it stands right now or is there still some functionality that you feel is missing? After submitting your idea to Microsoft, let us know about it in the comments below. How would you improve Groove Music?

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