Free Shadow of Mordor update exports your enemies and companions into Shadow of War

For the Tolkien inspired Shadow of Mordor title, the gory action drew many players into its large open world and brutal story. However, it was the 'Nemesis System' that made the game unique, letting players battle against their worst enemies throughout the campaign based on events and dialogue. With its upcoming sequel, Shadow of War, that story will continue bringing your own custom nightmare along with it.

A free update has been released for Shadow of Mordor. In it, the new Nemesis Forge game mode lets the player select the enemy and companion that they want to play with in Shadow of War. If the player has already completed the game, choices will be highlighted automatically for them with the option to change.

As added incentive to get into the fray, you can try Shadow of Mordor free for the rest of the week through Xbox One or Steam. The title is also seeing major discounts up to 80% off across Xbox One (ends 7/17), PlayStation 4 (ends 7/11), and Steam (ends 7/10). So if you're looking to play the sequel, now might be the time to charge in.

Shadow of War is a Xbox Play Anywhere title like its predecessor and scheduled to launch October 10. Pre-order for Xbox One to receive exclusive content to build your in-game army, ready to take down Sauron.

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